Storylines from regional simulation – join the workshop!


The North American CORDEX Program in partnership with Ouranos, the National Center for Atmosphere Research, Iowa State University, and Cornell University invites you to join this 3-day VIRTUAL workshop on April 25-27, 2022 | 11 am to 2 pm (North American Eastern Time;  1500-1800 UTC) . The goal of this workshop is to develop a clear synthesis of the current status of storyline research, provide tangible examples of the use of storylines and to illustrate the symbioses with alternative methods of producing applications-relevant climate projections.  In that context, we are looking to advance the understanding and applications of storylines obtained from regional downscaling.  Registration is open at the workshop web site: .


Each day will begin with presentations on key workshop themes on prior work that has been done on storylines to set the stage for this new workshop. This will be followed by shorter presentations by contributed speakers. Break-out groups will be actioned wherein open discussion will be made by participants, followed by a dialogue focused around development of best-practice in key arenas.  A tentative agenda has been posted on the website, but watch for speaker confirmations and a final agenda in the coming weeks. 


This workshop is designed primarily to enable dialogue, and will therefore take the format of short ‘flash-talks’ (5-10 minutes duration) to illustrate ongoing research and discussions.  If you are interested in doing a short presentation, please submit a brief title and short description of your proposed flash talk before March 21, 2022 using the form at the workshop information and registration site: .



Melissa Bukovsky

Bill Gutowski

Linda Mearns

Sara Pryor

Dominique Paquin