FAQ General

What is happening within the CORDEX community this year?
Planned workshops and other CORDEX events can be found in the CORDEX community calendar. Domain activities are also listed under here.


How do I subscribe to the CORDEX e-mail list?
To subscribe to the e-mail list click the button in the top right corner or go to About/Subscribe to CORDEX e-mail list. Register your e-mail address and your name. You will be sent an e-mail requesting confirmation, to prevent others from gratuitously subscribing you.


How do I submit a Flagship Pilot Study proposal?
At Flagship Pilot Studies you find criteria and guidelines as well as the FPS application template and if there is a current call for submitting a proposal. Calls for FPS submissions will also always be posted on the first page.


What is regional downscaling?
You can read about regional downscaling here.


I have a question concerning my domain, who do I contact?
Under Domains you can find information on all domains including the Points of Contact who are the primary contact persons for each domain. All Points of Contact are also listed here.

What is RIfS?
RIfS stands for Regional Information for Society and is a WCRP core project. CORDEX is a key scientific pillar in this core project. You can read more about RIfS here 

For further information contact:
or Points of Contact