How to submit CORDEX-CMIP5 data – RCMs

Completed – No more submissions for CORDEX-CMIP5 are expected.
For CORDEX-CMIP6 go to:

This section is only relevant for the submission of RCM data for publishing on the Earth System Grid Federation (ESGF). It is strongly recommended that all RCM groups should make their simulations available on ESGF.

The MED-CORDEX, CORDEX East Asia and CORDEX South East Asia domains also distribute data through Regional Data Portals. All modelling groups running simulations for these domains should contact the relevant domain Point of Contact for further information on data submission. However, they should still register their details as outlined below in the Registration section.


Step 1: Registration

Firstly, regional modelling groups can check whether they are already registered and the information concerning their institution, RCM and Terms of Use has already been received and is correct in the CORDEX RCM list.

If your group is not included in this list then you should register by contacting CORDEX registration (no longer valid) with the following information:

  1. Full institution name
  2. Short institution name (acronym)
  3. Contact person and e-mail
  4. RCM name (acronym)
  5. Terms of Use: unrestricted or non-commercial only
  6. CORDEX domains you are interested in.


Step 2: Submitting CORDEX simulations for publishing on ESGF

If a RCM group has its own ESGF data node it is presumed that the group will publish its own simulations on that node.

All regional modelling groups who have no agreement (within projects or any other kind of cooperation) with one of the CORDEX-ESGF data nodes or one of the Regional Data portals (see above) should contact CORDEX publication providing information about the CORDEX simulations to be published. They will then be directed to one of the CORDEX-ESGF data nodes and will receive instructions on how to transfer their CORDEX simulations.


Step 3: Format and Quality Control

All CORDEX simulations have to be formatted according to the CORDEX archive specifications and to the CORDEX variables requirement tables and undergo strict quality control (QC) before being published on the CORDEX-ESGF data nodes.

The list of data aspects that have to be checked prior to publication on an ESGF CORDEX data node is available here.

It is strongly recommended that all RCM groups should firstly run the CORDEX QC at their home modelling centre, if resources allow. The CORDEX QC is openly available here.