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Requests to CMIP6

In 2016-2017, the CORDEX Science Advisory Team (SAT) contacted almost all CMIP6 modelling groups individually, asking if the groups were interested in contributing to the CORDEX MIP. We would now like to remind you that CORDEX ( is a CMIP6 diagnostic MIP requesting specific output for regional climate downscaling.

Registration: if your CMIP6 modelling group is interested contributing to the CORDEX MIP and has not been registered please do this by sending mail to


1) Full institution name

2) Short institution name (acronym)

3) Model name (acronym)

4) Contact person and e-mail



The CORDEX MIP requests providing simulation output for downscaling boundary conditions from:

  • final 30 years of the pre-industrial simulation (CMIP DECK) – optional
  • one member from the historical simulation (CMIP6 Historical Simulation) for 1950-2014
  • one member from the SSP5-8.5 and SSP1-2.6 scenario simulations (ScenarioMIP) for 2015-2100

If modelling groups have sufficient resources, the CORDEX MIP would also welcome boundary conditions data from additional ensemble members under the historical and scenario experiments (e.g. SSP3-7.0 or SSP5-8.5/SSP1-2.6). In this case please contact us by sending e-mail to


All variables requested by CORDEX for downscaling are now in the CMIP6 Data Request.




CORDEX Science Advisory Team (SAT)