How to provide CORDEX-CMIP6 data

Dynamical Downscaling - RCM

Step 1: Registration

All institutions (modelling groups) that contribute or plan to contribute to CORDEX-CMIP6 must:

i) register their institution and model following the instructions on the CORDEX-CMIP6 github site ( and

ii) provide information about their planned simulations in the CORDEX-CMIP6 downscaling plan

The modelling groups will not be able to publish their CORDEX-CMIP6 simulations on ESGF without first registering their institution and model.


Step 2: Format and Quality Control

All CORDEX-CMIP6 simulations must be formatted according to the CORDEX-CMIP6 archive specifications (e.g. file names, global attributes, etc.) and to the CORDEX-CMIP6 CMOR tables (e.g. variable attributes).

Currently, there is no Quality Control (QC) tool for CORDEX-CMIP6 and updates on QC will be provided.


Step 3: Publishing CORDEX-CMIP6 simulations on ESGF

Under development