Domain planned activities 2024

Region 1:
South America

Globe showing the CORDEX domain of South America

Planned Activities 2024 South America

Planned activities

-The following activity was proposed to the ICTP: 3rd ICTP/Trieste Advanced School-Workshop on
Regional Climate Modeling and Extreme Events over South America to be held in Sao Paulo University
during the second semester of 2024. Unfortunately, it was not selected to be funded.
-The possibility of other smaller training activities is being considered depending on financial support.
-Scientific/Academic Stay at Sao Paulo University in the context of the FPS-SESA activities: Title:
-Regional Climate Modeling Approaches and Extreme Precipitation Events in Southeastern South
America" - CAPES-PRINT Grants to visiting researcher at University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. This project has
the objectives to plan future coordinated experiments SESA simulations based on the combination of
statistical and dynamical downscaling and teach a 3-day postgraduate course on statistical
downscaling techniques and their application for climate studies. The scientific stay will be carried out
by Dr. Bettolli, Maria Laura.
-We are organizing a session "Regional climate downscaling: techniques and applications in the
present and future climate scenarios" as part of the "Pan-American Conference of Meteorology" in
São Paulo, Brazil, in August 2024

Region 2:
Central America

Globe showing the CORDEX domain of Central America

Planned activities 2024 Central America

Planned activities

KeKeep producing the daily downscaled data for Central America.

Region 3:
North America

Globe showing the CORDEX domain of North America

Planned activities 2024 North Amercia

Planned activities

CCCma :
CanRCM5; 0.22 degrees; North American, Arctic, European, African; driving data CanESM5, and a handful of others to be with Ouranos, SSP3-7.0
Timing: winter 2023-2024
Data availability:  Spring 2024

CRCM6-GEM5; 0.11° 4-5 CMIP6 driven CORDEX-NA simulations using SSP3-7.0 scenarios in 30-year slides plus a simulation driven by ERA5
CRCM6-GEM5; over NAM @ 0.11°. driving data to be decided.

NCAR and the University of Wyoming are planning a meeting for January 2024 with individuals at other U.S. institutions who may be interested in contributing NA-domain, CMIP6-driven simulations for coordination purposes

Region 4:
Europe (EURO)

Globe showing the CORDEX domain of Europe

Planned activities

- Execution of CMIP6/EURO-CORDEX simulations
- Planning CMIP6/EURO-CORDEX joint data release
- Strategy on European convective permitting simulations and emulators
- Continuation of FPSs
- Enhancing distillation activities

Region 5:

Globe showing the CORDEX domain of Africa

Planned activities 2024 Africa

Planned activities

Region 6:
South Asia

Globe showing the CORDEX domain of WAS

Planned activities 2024 South Asia

Planned activities

- Dissemination of the CORDEX-WAS data
- CORDEX-South Asia Training workshop for stakeholders and early career researchers in 2024 at IITM Pune.
- CORDEX-South Asia Training workshop on extremes – access, analysis and biascorrection, statistical downscaling in one of the South Asia Countries (Bangladesh/Bhutan/Nepal/India)

Scoping workshops to develop Strategy for future climate projections in Bhutan, Bangladesh

Region 7:
East Asia

Globe showing the CORDEX domain of East Asia

Planned Activities 2024 East Asia

Planned activities

AOGS2024: AS65-Regional Climate Downscaling and CORDEX: Challenges and Prospects - conveners: Prof. Dong-Hyun Cha, Dr. Faye Abigail Cruz, Prof. Koji Dairaku, Prof. Jason Evans, Prof. Shuyu Wang
- date: 23-28 Jun, 2024
- Location: Pyeongchang, South Korea
- website:

Upgrade of data distribution server system and web site of CORDEX-EA Data Center
- Replacement of aging server and expansion of storage capacity
- Uploading 5 RCM outputs for SSP runs
- Renew of web site (

Region 8:
Central Asia

Globe showing the CORDEX domain of Central Asia

Planned Activites 2024 Central Asia

Planned activities

- Workshop in Central Asia including all countries of Central Asia

-  Joint projects and research papers with National Research University (Tashkent) and Samarkand State University for Central Asia Domain

Region 9:

Globe showing the CORDEX domain of Australasia

Planned activities 2024 Australasia

Planned activities

CORDEX Australasia workshop – Canberra, 5 Feb 2024
Australian Meteorology and Oceanography conference 2024 session - Regional climate projections
and applications – Canberra 6-9 Feb 2024

Bi-Monthly National Partnership on Climate Projections for coordinating Australian climate change
projections including CORDEX Australasia simulation.

Region 10 and 11:
Polar ( Antarctica and Artic) 

Globe showing the CORDEX domain of Antarctica
Globe showing the CORDEX domain of Artic

Planned Activities 2024 Polar

Planned activities Polar (Antarctica and Artic)

Annual Polar Cordex meeting, autumn 2024, Potsdam, Germany


Region 12:
MED Mediterranean 

Globe showing the CORDEX domain of mediterranean

Planned activities 2024 Mediterranean 

Planned activities

Running the Med-CORDEX-CMIP6 evaluation and scenario simulations and start the multi-model
- 8th international Med-CORDEX workshop, on-site, Roma (Italy), timing to be decided
- First activities of the new biogeochemistry initiative within Med-CORDEX with a review of the
literature and the start of the discussions for establishing a common simulation protocol for this new
- Contribution to the launch of the CORDEX Task Force on Ocean, Sea ice and Biogeochemistry

Region 13:
MENA Middle East North Africa 

Globe showing the CORDEX domain of the Middle East and North America

Planned activities 2024 Middle East North Africa 

Planned activities

Liaising with KAU/NCM (Saudi Arabia) for the feasibility of organising a regional workshop on climate modelling/downscaling to boost the MENA-CORDEX engagement.

Region 14:
SEA Southeast Asia 

Globe showing the CORDEX domain of South East Asia

Planned Activities 2024 South East Asia

Planned activities

- Participation in AOGS 2024
- CARE for SEA megacities: Training workshop, Malaysia (April 2024)
- CORDEX-SEA ESD workshop (July 2024)
- CORDEX-SEA CMIP6 Regional Climate Downscaling and Outreach Workshop (October 2024)
- CARE for SEA megacities: Technical workshop, Vietnam (October/November 2024)
- Continuation of CMIP6 downscaling activitiesCoordination of the urban and ESD sub-groups within CORDEX Southeast Asia