4th WCRP CORDEX Science & Training Workshop in East Asia

The “4th WCRP CORDEX Science and Training Workshop in East Asia” will be held 23rd-26th November 2015 in Beijing, China. This workshop will be jointly supported by APN, WCRP, Regional Integrated Multi-hazard Early warning System (RIMES), International Center for Climate and Environment sciences (ICCE) of Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IAP/CAS) and MAIRS.

Workshop topics

  • Continue discussion on Phase II experiment of CORDEX East Asia following the 3rd CORDEX EA workshop in Jeju 2014
  • Evaluation of climate simulations in East Asia region from multiple climate models (East Asia monsoon, ENSO, seasonal and intra-seasonal variability, Typhoon and tropical cyclone, extreme events etc.).
  • Assessment of downscaling techniques and their products in East Asia to understand uncertainties accompanying the regional climate projections and to determine the utility of climate model results.
  • Meeting the requests of end-users (hydrology, agriculture, water resources, land cover and ecosystem etc.) on downscaled products, with definition of data types, formats and resolutions, for vulnerability, impacts and adaptation analysis.
  • Building up CORDEX ESGF nodes in Asia
  • Training on RCMs modeling, data analysis and applications for young scientists from East and Southeast Asia.


For further information

For further details on the workshop download the workshop flyer here and see the workshop website here.