Special Session: UGM Meeting, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, 2nd-7th November 2015

A special session ‘SE15: Regional climate models and CORDEX’ will be held at the upcoming UGM meeting in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, 2nd – 7th November 2015:

For this session papers on the following topics are welcome:
  1. Implementation and validation of regional climate models over different regions — with particular emphasis on those within the CORDEX framework
  2. Applicability of regional climate models to the study of extreme events (i.e. precipitation extremes, heat waves and other phenomena)
  3. Studies of VIA (vulnerability, impacts and adaptation) to climate change
Deadline for abstract submission
The deadline is the 9th of August, through the UGM site and papers in English and Spanish are welcomed.
Ruth Cerezo-Mota (rcerezom@iingen.unam.mx)
Ramón Fuentes-Franco (rfuentes@ictp.it)
Cuauhtémoc Turrent Thompson (turrentc@cicese.mx)