CORDEX Newsletter November 2020

Globe showing the CORDEX domain of East Asia
Globe showing the CORDEX domain of South East Asia

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During six days in October the Regional climate change projections: Climate change analysis using CORDEX regional climate models over South Asia was held online. The training aimed to build underpinning knowledge and skills for analysing regional climate change projections using CORDEX regional climate model simulations. This training covered an introduction to climate change science, modelling, and downscaling, followed by an introduction to accessing and using the CORDEX datasets, including introductions to tools for analysing and visualizing climate change projections at different time scales. Read more:

The CORDEX-MAIRS-FE meeting was held online 9-10 November. This was a step towards elaborating on further cooperation between CORDEX, MAIRS-FE, and other relevant actors in the South/East/Central Asia regions, The aim was to outline an extended and more established collaboration scheme and included a discussion on topics of special urgency/interest for the regions. The idea was to find a framework for how to set up a network and cooperate. Representatives from both APN and ANSO were attending the workshop as well as many other important stakeholders from the Asian region. Read more:

The CORDEX Southeast Asia Outreach and Capacity Building Workshop was also held online 17-19 November. The workshop was divided into three sessions containing; 1. introduction to CORDEX and CORDEX Data Applications in Southeast Asia, 2. technical talks on CORDEX Data Retrieval, Analysis and Applications and 3. the Fourth Workshop of the Second Phase of Southeast Asia Regional Climate Downscaling. The big number of participants and the progress presented, show a great engagement within this domain.  Read more:

Besides these Asian workshops an online Paper-Writing Workshop on Regional Climate Modeling  for the Central and South American domain will be held online in November and December. The aims of the workshop are; 1. to coordinate collaborative research based on CORDEX products (statistical and dynamical simulations) with focus on selected regional phenomena, 2. to foster the interaction and discussion between climate modelers and representatives from the user/impact community, 3. to enhance the capacity on documenting scientific research. Read more:


Front Cover Assessment of Climate Change over the Indian Region

New book: Assessment of climate change over the Indian region

A new open access book on Assessment of Climate Change over the Indian Region has been published. The book discusses the influence of human-induced global climate change over the Indian subcontinent and the regional monsoon, the adjoining Indian Ocean and the Himalayas. It also briefly discusses policy relevant information based on robust scientific analysis and assessments of the observed and future projected climate change over the Indian region.

Logo for Flagship Pilot Studies

What happens with the Flagship Pilot Studies?

Seven new proposals for Flagship Pilot Studies were submitted before the deadline in September 2020 and are currently under review. This time there were, besides the open call, also a call dedicated to Climate Risks. Read more about Flagship Pilot Studies and the nine FPSs already endorsed:

The Southeast African FPS, endorsed during 2019, had a meeting in September 2020 to coordinate their future work. Read more about this FPS:

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It is now possible to submit your CORDEX publication at the CORDEX website. CORDEX should be mentioned in the title, abstract or acknowledgement or otherwise indicate CORDEX relevance to be considered as a CORDEX publication. Your submission will be held for approval by the CORDEX office.
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A night sky with stratospheric clouds and the sky tinted orange from the sunset. At the front of the picture Antarctica in the dark

Scientific highlights at the Polar CORDEX meeting

The Polar CORDEX meeting was held online 5-7 October 2020 with the aim to present updates by the Arctic and Antarctic CORDEX community and discuss future projects/collaborations. The meeting had a very good gender balance with 12 women and 14 men. The participants were mainly from Europe and North America, and there were also participants from India, Chile, Argentina and Japan.
Read about the scientific highlights: