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Publications 2021

  • Akperov, M., (2021). Responses of Arctic cyclones to biogeophysical feedbacks under future warming scenarios in a regional Earth system model. Environmental Research Letters. 16: 064076; DOI:
  • Evans JP, Di Virgilio G, Hirsch AL, Hoffmann P, Remedio AR, Ji F, Rockel B, Coppola E (2021). The CORDEX-Australasia ensemble: evaluation and future projections.. Climate Dynamics. 57(5): 1385–1401; DOI:
  • Gayoung Kim (2021). Evaluation and Projection of Regional Climate over East Asia in CORDEX-East Asia Phase I Experiment.. Asia-Pacific Journal of Atmospheric Sciences. 57: 119–134; DOI:
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  • Jerez S, et al. (2021). Sensitivity of surface solar radiation to aerosol-radiation and aerosol-cloud interactions over Europe in WRFv3.6.1 climatic runs with fully interactive aerosols. Geoscientific Model Development. 14: 1533-1551; DOI:
  • Lucas-Picher, P., D. Argüeso, E. Brisson, Y. Tramblay, P. Berg, A. Lemonsu, S. Kotlarski, and C. Caillaud (2021). Convection-permitting modelling with regional climate models: Latest developments and further steps. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews Climate Change. 12(6): e731; DOI:
  • Martel, J.-L., F.P. Brissette, M. Troin, P. Lucas-Picher, and R. Arsenault (2021). Climate change and precipitation IDF (Intensity, Duration, Frequency) curves: Overview of science and guidelines for adaptation. Journal of Hydrological Engineering. 26(10): 03121001; DOI:
  • McGinnis, S., and L. Mearns (2021). Building a climate service for North America based on the NA-CORDEX data archive. Climate Services. 22: 100233; DOI:
  • Mittermeier, M., E. Bresson, D. Paquin, R. Ludwig (2021). A deep learning approach for the identification of long-duration mixed precipitation in Montréal (Canada).. Atmosphere-Ocean. : 1-12; DOI:
  • Mottram, R., (2021). What is the surface mass balance of Antarctica? An intercomparison of regional climate model estimates. The Cryosphere. 15(8): 3751-3784; DOI:
  • Nishant N, Evans JP, Virgilio GD, Downes SM, Ji F, Cheung KKW, Tam E, Miller J, Beyer K, Riley ML. (2021). Introducing NARCliM1.5: Evaluating the Performance of Regional Climate Projections for Southeast Australia for 1950–2100. Earth’s Future. 9(7): e2020EF001833; DOI:
  • Sørland SL, Brogli R, Pothapakula PK, Russo E, (2021). COSMO-CLM regional climate simulations in the Coordinated Regional Climate Downscaling Experiment (CORDEX) framework: A review.. Geoscientific Model Development. 14(8): 5125-5154; DOI:
  • Tamoffo et al. 2021 (2021). Process‑based assessment of the impact of reduced turbulent mixing on Congo Basin precipitation in the RCA4 Regional Climate Model. Climate Dynamics. Not yet: 1-15; DOI:
  • Torres-Alavez JA, Glazer R, Giorgi F, Coppola E , (2021). Future projections in tropical cyclone activity over multiple CORDEX domains from RegCM4 CORDEX-CORE simulations. Climate Dynamics . 57(5): 1507-1531; DOI: