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Cordex News

  • Podcast on CORDEX Africa

    The Climate System Analysis Group (CSAG) at the University of Cape Town a while ago started a podcast called Climate Frontiers. The third episode, guided by Dr Chris Lennard (former CORDEX SAT-member) and published in July 2021, focused on CORDEX Africa and how it has developed during the last decade. Many African CORDEX community members, a former CORDEX co-chair, the IPOC director, and others contribute to the podcast with some of their views on building the capacity of African scientists working with climate related issues as well as the benefits for society. Please find more information and the link to listen here.  

  • The WCRP workshop on attribution of multi-annual to decadal changes in the climate system will be held online 22-24 September, see more here.

  • WCRP needs your help!

    Now, more than ever, the world needs climate scientists. A key part of building the climate research workforce needed to address the challenges of this century is broadening access to climate science training. The WCRP Academy is one of the new lighthouse activities of the World Climate Research Programme, designed to make positive steps towards giving more scientists access to the training they need. “To meet the challenges and explore the opportunities of our changing climate, our scientists will need a strong understanding of climate from an Earth systems perspective, will need a more interdisciplinary understanding of the problems faced, will need to understand better how their science can be used in decision making, and will need to know how to

  • On June 28 2021 the EURO-CORDEX organized the 3rd workshop on GCM evaluation and selection. The community took decisions with can be found here at their website.

  • The WCRP Climate Research Forum for South America, will take place on 8 and 9 September 2021. For more information and to register, please go to the WCRP webpage:

  • The national German TV channel “ARD” contacted GERICS after hearing about the release of the  “Klimaausblicke” (Climate outlooks). In   the news item the reporter says that the data describing climate change in Germany has remained rather coarse in the past. This has now been changed by the publication of the analysis of climate data for each of the German counties by the Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon / GERICS. Altogether, 401   “Klimaausblicke” (Climate outlooks) can be downloaded for free to enable counties to prepare for the future. Daniela Jacob says German counties now have access to detailed knowledge about possible future climate change, which needs to be considered for future planning.  No-one in Germany may say in the future: I didn’t know this. The “Klimaausblicke” are