More information on CORDEX MIP

CORDEX is connected with CMIP6 through its designation as a Diagnostic MIP in CMIP6. (See Gutowski et al., 2016:  WCRP Coordinated Regional Downscaling Experiment (CORDEX): A Diagnostic MIP for CMIP6.  Geoscientific Model Development. (online) [DOI: 10.5194/ gmd-9-4087-2016].  The CORDEX CORE project is a contributor to this designated role and is thus a subset of the CORDEX contribution to CMIP6.

A near-term intent of CORDEX CORE is to provide output that can support IPCC AR6 assessments. For this reason, the CORE framework is intended to be ambitious but sufficiently cost-effective to attract participation and produce timely output for the AR6. This program also stems from the results of a questionnaire send out to the CORDEX community through the CORDEX Points of Contact in the (northern) fall of 2016, with feedback received in late 2016. CORE has a specific focus on the IPCC AR6. It is not intended by itself to be the next phase of CORDEX. However, CORE simulations can provide a foundation in each region for further downscaling activities.