Draft CORDEX experiment design for dynamical downscaling of CMIP6

The CORDEX-SAT has developed a draft experiment design document for the CORDEX community CMIP6 downscaling efforts. We hereby invite you to give your comments/thoughts on the design draft before it is finalized and published.

This is the link to the draft experiment design document

You can leave your comments in this Google form.
If you can´t access Google please let us know and we will send you an excel spreadsheet for your comments. ipoc@cordex.org

The deadline for comments is Friday 19 June.

New high-resolution (25km) CORDEX CORE simulations available

The regional climate simulations of the CORDEX CORE activity are now available at the ESGF, look for the XXX-22 domains.

For other RegCM simulations not available at the ESGF, please find further information on data access here

The simulations cover all major inhabited areas of the world at a resolution of 25km. Two RCMs (RegCM from ICTP and REMO from GERICS) are used to downscale three GCMs for two RCPs (RCP2.6 and RCP8.5).


For further information, please contact:




Read about the Flagship Pilot Studies

At the moment there are 9 endorsed CORDEX Flagship Pilot Studies.
The two latest additions for Africa and the TPE region were officially presented as endorsed at the ICRC-CORDEX 2019 in Beijing in October.

To get more information on the Flagship Pilot Studies click here

To see the complete list of FPSs click here