Workshop in Uzbekistan on Climate Data Analyses and Downscaling

The CORDEX workshop on Climate Data Analyses and Downscaling is held in Samarkand, Uzbekistan this week, 27-29 November.
The workshop is organized by the CORDEX Central Asia domain led by our Central Asia Point of Contact, Shaukat Ali, together with Michelle Reboita from Brazil who is actively involved in the CORDEX South American domain. Around 40 local participants from different parts of Uzbekistan are attending the event.

The agenda includes for instance technical sessions on Climate System & Data Analyses and CORDEX Activities Progress in Different Domains with hands on sessions on How to download CMIP6 and CORDEX data and prepare files as well as a hands on session on Dynamical downscaling using Regional Climate Model. Besides these hands on sessions the participants will also get presentations on CORDEX work both globally and within the different domains. Science to policy communication and future collaboration will be discussed during the last day.

This is the first time a CORDEX workshop is held in the Central Asia domain, while workshops like these are common within most of the CORDEX domains. The workshops are an important part of the CORDEX effort to build capacity and share knowledge about regional climate downscaling and regional climate information.