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Information on CORDEX CMIP6 simulation plans and status is available!!

Dear CORDEX community!

Now the information on CORDEX CMIP6 simulation status is available!!

You can see the regional simulations/downscalings of CMIP that are planned for your domain here 

The simulations status is listed as;
• Full list of simulations
• Summary by domain
• Summary by scenario
• Summary by experiment

Thanks to all who has contributed! This simulation status platform will be a living site and evolve as simulations are completed, status changed or new simulation plans are added. To keep this alive we need your help!! Please, give your input here if you want to contribute by adding or updating your simulations.


This page also includes information on the CORDEX CMIP5 simulations available from ESGF, thus providing a live version of the inventory of simulations provided here.

Hybrid workshop on Consolidating downscaling for the provision of regional climate information to society, 11-13 October in Oslo


Workshop on Consolidating downscaling for the provision of regional climate information to society – Cordex Consolidate (ConCord)

Date: October 11-13, 2022.

Venue: Kulturhuset in Oslo, Norway, and online. Check out the workshop web page

Register here! OBS! Updated link!!

Free of charge!

First come – first serve: max 50 onsite participants. Note that the deadline for registration is extended until 06 October at 23:59 UTC.

The main objectives of this workshop are to:

  • promote reconciliation of global and regional climate models (GCMs, RCMs), empirical statistical downscaling (ESD) and historical observations/reanalyses for better information in support of robust future climate outlooks and climate change adaptation
  • discuss how to further facilitate the use of climate information that is embedded in the data that it produces
  • discuss what information is needed for various purposes and how to use it.


How do we best use the available information based on the context? We will discuss principles for consolidating downscaled information in decision-making/climate services/climate change adaptation. We also want to bring in know-how on how to involve statistics. The workshop, hosted by the Norwegian Meteorological institute, is held in collaboration with the Norwegian Public Health Institute and the Norwegian Centre for Climate Services, to foster co-production of knowledge on climate-health issues and for the provision of robust actionable information.

IPOC CORDEX Office is hosted by Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI), Folkborgsvägen 17, 601 76 Norrköping, Sweden.

CORDEX Homepage Twitter @WCRP_Cordex Email:



The Empirical Statistical Downscaling White Paper, ESD White Paper, is now published!

The Empirical Statistical Downscaling White Paper, ESD White Paper, is now published! This version of the ESD White Paper focuses on empirical statistical downscaling strategies and identify specific challenges within ESD.

Last year the CORDEX Science Advisory Team (SAT) published the first CORDEX White Paper which primarily focuses on dynamical downscaling and its scientific challenges.

These two White papers will be followed by a third on bridging climate science with society needs. Those papers will form the basis for the CORDEX Science Plan.

The International Project Office for CORDEX (IPOC) is unmanned during the period 9 July to 12 August!

The CORDEX office will be unmanned during the period 9 July to 12 August.

For matters regarding CORDEX data access please see CORDEX data access  and/or our FAQ 

For other CORDEX matters please take a look at the general FAQ , contact one of our Points of Contacts (POCs)  or one of our Science Advisory Team (SAT) members.

For more WCRP-related matters you can turn to the WCRP secretariat

See you in August!!