Participants from the Southeast Asian region gathered online for the CORDEX SEA Outreach and Capacity Building Workshop 15-17 November 2021

The southeast Asia (SEA) domain is a very diverse region with different needs for climate information to address issues related to climate change. Therefore, we are pleased that we were able to reach so many people from different parts of the region with this workshop.

The workshop was an online event organized by the CORDEX SEA in collaboration with local organizers in Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia and the CORDEX office at SMHI.

335 participants took part in the workshop via zoom, a majority from Indonesia but also from for instance Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam and a few from outside the region. Since equity and equality, including gender balance, are important for CORDEX we are happy that the gender distribution was approximately equal. The workshop was also broadcasted via Youtube adding around 1000 persons that could view the live webinars and follow the discussions. This was thus a successful, large event that reached out to researchers, stakeholders and others.

Outreach CORDEX activities

The objectives for this workshop were to inform about:

  • and inspire new CORDEX activities in advancing the science and application of regional climate downscaling, especially in Asia
  • CORDEX Southeast Asia activities and progress in advancing the science and application of regional climate downscaling in through regional partnerships.
  • work carried out in several countries in Southeast Asia that used CORDEX Southeast Asia generated climate information in addressing issues related to climate change in the region
  • potential applications in the region of CORDEX Southeast Asia downscaled climate projections

SARCCIS and the progress on the 5 km simulations of CORDEX SEA highlighted during the workshop

The workshop highlighted the Southeast Asia Regional Climate Change Information System (SARCCIS), which serves as a one‑stop data center that freely disseminates high‑resolution, multi‑model and multi‑scenario simulated data, provides guidance on data usage and reliability, and provides training to users on how to access, analyze and interpret the data.

Another highlight was the presentations of the progress on the 5 km simulations of CORDEX SEA over a number of key regions in Southeast Asia. Furthermore, the workshop provided capacity building/development on data retrieval, application and analysis which is important for the future work within this region.

We are also pleased to hear that ministries and government agencies in Indonesia hope that high resolution downscaled data are expected to become a reference in climate-resilient national development. CORDEX-SEA data can be accessed freely by every stakeholder who needs it. The data will be used to bring together sectors, especially climate change adaptation and mitigation.

We hope that this workshop will be followed up with material/papers that discusses about data improvement for sector needs, and also special training to build the capacity of CORDEX -SEA members.

More information at the workshop website

If you want to read more about the workshop, please have a look at the workshop website: