wcrp cordex logoThe CORDEX vision is to advance and coordinate the science and application of regional climate downscaling through global partnerships.



The endorsed CORDEX FPS that were announced at the ICRC-CORDEX2016 in Stockholm have new all had kick-off and strated the actual work.

The first summaries/status reportst can be found here:

South America: Extreme precipitation events in Southeastern South America: a proposal for a better understanding and modeling

Contact person Maria Bettolli  bettolli@at.fcen.uba.ar

summary/short report

Europe+ Mediterranean; Convective phenomena at high resolution over Europe and the Mediterranean

Contact person Erika Coppola coppolae@ictp.it or Stefan Sobolowski stefan.sobolowski@uni.no

summary/short report

Europe; Impact of land use changes on climate in Europe across spatial and temporal scales

Contact person Diana Rechid diana.rechid@hzg.de

summary/short report

Mediterranean; Role of the natural and anthropogenic aerosols in the Mediterranean region: past climate variability and future climate sensitivity

Contact person Solmon Fabien fsolmon@ictp.it or Marc Mallet marc.mallet@meteo.fr

summary/short report

Mediterranean; Role of the air-sea coupling and small scale ocean processess on regional climate

Contact person Gabriel Jordà gabriel.jorda@uib.cat or Gianmaria Sannino gianmaria.sannino@enea.it

summary/short report