4th Workshop of the Southeast Asia regional Climate Downscaling (SEACLID)/CORDEX Southeast Asia Project

The 4th Workshop of the Southeast Asia Regional Climate Downscaling (SEACLID)/
CORDEX Southeast Asia Project

Hanoi, Vietnam, 24-25 November 2016


Workshop venue: Le Van Thiem lecture hall, VNU University of   Science, 19 Le Thanh Tong str., Hoan Kiem, Hanoi



The Southeast Asia Regional Climate Downscaling (SEACLID) is an APN funded project of the Southeast Asia Regional Climate Initiative (SEARCI). Officially established in November 2013, the SEACLID project was later streamlined into the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP)’s Coordinated Regional Climate Downscaling Experiment (CORDEX) as one of the three CORDEX domains in Asia and subsequently renamed as SEACLID / CORDEX Southeast Asia. SEACLID/CORDEX Southeast Asia aims to address the urgent needs for high-resolution regional future climate change scenarios for the Southeast Asia region, and to enhance capacity building in regional climate modeling and increase visibility in scientific publications in regional climate. SEACLID/CORDEX Southeast Asia is currently participated by 14 countries and 18 institutions. Detailed about this project can be viewed at http://www.ukm.edu.my/seaclid-cordex.

During the first two years implementation of SEACLID/CORDEX Southeast Asia, tremendous progress has been achieved. Currently, the regional climate simulations of CORDEX/Southeast Asia has been completed. In the next few months, project members would carry out analysis and model performance evaluation. To ensure a smooth progression during its final year of implementation, the project 4th workshop will be held from 24-25th Nov 2016 in Hanoi and to be hosted by the VNU University of Science, to facilitate coordination among its members and discussion on model performances, data management and documentation of research output.

SEACLID/CORDEX Southeast Asia project members are invited and encouraged to participate and present their model output analysis results at this workshop. Other interested participants and potential data users are most welcome to participate. Scientists / researchers, students, stakeholders and other parties interested in regional climate and SEACLID/CORDEX Southeast Asia activities are welcome.

The objectives of the workshop include:

  1. To discuss the current progress of the project and present the results of analysis of SEACLID/CORDEX Southeast Asia simulations;
  2. To discuss and coordinate efforts on documentation of research output and scientific paper;
  3. To discuss issues related to data archives and ESGF implementation;
  4. To discuss scientific issues relevant to SEACLID/CORDEX Southeast Asia and possible future undertaking.


Participation & Registration

Interested participants are required to complete and submit the registration form. Kindly email the form to the Local Organizing Committee (Prof. Dr. Phan Van Tan and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Thanh Ngo-Duc) [cordexsea.2016@gmail.com] by no later than August 31, 2016 . Please copy your email to SEACLID/CORDEX Southeast Asia Secretariat (Prof. Fredolin Tangang [ftangang@gmail.com]). For participants require invitation letter for VISA application, please submit the completed form as soon as possible and request the invitation letter and other required documents from the local secretariat (Prof. Dr. Phan Van Tan and Assoc. Prof. Dr Thanh Ngo-Duc)


Participants are recommended to stay at either May De Ville Hotel (24 HanThuyen street, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi, approximately 60 USD/night) or A25 Hotel (45 Phan Chu Trinh, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, approximately 45 USD/night).

 Empirical and Statistical Downscaling (ESD) Side Meeting

In conjunction with this workshop, on 23th November 2016, a side meeting and discussion on ESD for CORDEX Asia will be held. Participants interested to attend this side meeting should contact Dr Kojie Dairaku of the Integrated Research on Disaster Risk Reduction Division, National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Resilience, Japan [Email: dairaku@bosai.go.jp]. This side meeting will be held in the same venue.

 Further Information

Enquiries for further information may be sent by email to cordexsea.2016@gmail.com or to SEACLID/CORDEX Southeast Asia Secretariat or the latest information will be made available to the Project website at http://www.ukm.edu.my/seaclid-cordex. Excursion may be organized depends on request from the participants. One day tour to the Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex (UNESCO World Heritage Site) can be organized on 26 November 2016.

 Organizing Committee Members

  1. Prof. Dr. Phan Van Tan (VNU University of Science)
  2. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Thanh Ngo-Duc (University of      Science and Technology of Hanoi)
  3. Prof. Dr. Fredolin Tangang (The National      University of Malaysia)
  4. Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong Hanh (VNU University of      Science)
  5. Mr. Nguyen Xuan Thanh (VNU University of Science)
  6. Ms. Pham Thanh Ha (VNU University of Science)


The 4th Workshop of the Southeast Asia Regional Climate Downscaling (SEACLID)/
CORDEX Southeast Asia Project

24-25 November 2016, VNU University of Science, Hanoi, Vietnam

(Please submit your registration form by before August 31, 2016)

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(Due to funding limitation, we may only able to fund those directly involved in the SEACLID/CORDEX Southeast Asia project)

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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Thanh Ngo-Duc

Local Organizing Committee

Fourth Workshop of SEACLID / CORDEX Southeast Asia Project

VNU University of Science

334 NguyenTrai, ThanhXuan, Hanoi, Vietnam

Email: cordexsea.2016@gmail.com



Download Workshop document/registration form:

4th Workshop of the Southeast Asia Regional Climate Downscaling (SEACLID)/CORDEX Southeast Asia Project

2nd meeting of the CORDEX Science Advisory Team (SAT)

CORDEX SAT 150226 

The meeting report is now available for download here.

Wednesday 25th February
Time Agenda Item Presenter
13.30 Welcome address Rolf Brennerfelt, SMHI GD
13.40 Meeting arrangements/logistics Eleanor O’Rourke
13.45 Introduction Co-chairs
Session 1: Updates from the CORDEX domains Chair: Eleanor O’Rourke
13.55 CORDEX South East Asia Fredolin Tangang
14.05 CORDEX South Asia Krishnan Raghavan
14.15   North AmericaArctic and Antarctic CORDEX Bill Gutowski
14.30 Central America CORDEX Tannecia Stephenson
14.40 South America CORDEX Silvina Solman
14.50 MENA-CORDEX and Central Asia CORDEX Grigory Nikulin
15.00 Australasia CORDEX Bertrand Timbal
15.10 CORDEX Africa Chris Lennard
15.20 CORDEX East Asia Hyun-Suk Kang
15.30 Coffee
16.00 EURO-CORDEX Daniela Jacob
16.10 MED-CORDEX Filippo Giorgi
Session 2: Wider updates and CORDEX scope Chair: Bill Gutowski
16.20 WCRP/CORDEX updates Michel Rixen
16.35 Update on WGRC and Grand Challenges Clare Goodess
16.55 IPOC – its role and goals Eleanor O’Rourke
17.10 CORDEX Phase II scope Bill Gutowski
18.00 Discussion All
19.30 Dinner at Lagerqvist Restaurant
Thursday 26th February
Time Agenda Item Presenter
Session 3: CORDEX Issues Chair: Eleanor O’Rourke
09.00 Data policy, formats and archives Grigory Nikulin
09.30 Statistical downscaling plus ESD roadmap v2 Bertrand Timbal
10.00 Domains, updates, selection criteria and acceptance protocol + domain specification proposal document Bill Gutowski
10.30 Discussion All
11.00 Coffee  
Session 4: The Future of CORDEX Chair: Bill Gutowski
11.30 Flagship pilot studies including discussion Filippo Giorgi
13.00 Lunch
14.00 Discussion of strategic development of CORDEX towards Phase II protocol within the changing WCRP landscape Bill Gutowski
15.30 CORDEX MIP Discussion and how to transfer CORDEX knowledge to the Global Modelling community Bill Gutowski
16.00 Coffee
16.30 Second CORDEX Conference – Stockholm, June 2016 Eleanor O’Rourke
16.45 Outreach and communication (website and newsletter) Eleanor O’Rourke
17.30 Current status of fundraising and future prospects: WCRP & IPOC Michel Rixen & Eleanor O’Rourke
18.00 General discussion on CORDEX Phase II All
Friday 27th February
Time Agenda Item Presenter
Session 5: SAT Business Chair: Filippo Giorgi
09.00 Decision making process, internal communication & interaction with the IPOC Filippo Giorgi
09.30 Interactions with WGRC and end users Bill Gutowski
10.00 Agreements/Partnerships with relevant projects and initiatives  Eleanor O’Rourke
10.15 Membership issues Eleanor O’Rourke
10.30 Review of action items – key priority actions Co-chairs
11.00 Next meeting and closing discussion Filippo Giorgi
12.00 End of meeting